craft drawer organisation


This is a little embarrassing. This is what my craft drawer looked like…

In my defense my kids love to play there. And I normally prefer to close the drawer than deal with what’s inside.

003But I had gotten fed up of every.thing being covered in glitter. Seriously kids?!

So I completely cleared everything out. Cleaned the glitter off and got a little OCD.



I got rid of all the things that were broken and used up and rearranged according to type so that when I allow the kids in there it’s much easier for them to replace things.

007One of the things I try to bear in mind when reorganising is to keep space available. Ultimately you will buy more of something, and you don’t want your system to break down because you bought one too many glue sticks :)

009Is it weird how happy these punches make me? And woe to anyone who doesn’t put them back in alternating order…

This is totally my happy place to look now. I mean not that I open the drawer just to look and smile or anything like that. That would be crazy right…?

Where’s your happy place?






clothes pin magnets

clothes pin magnets


Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas. We loved spending time as a family enjoying all our new toys. And as much as it was nice to have that time “unplugged”, I’m happy to be back to blogging again. :)

I made these magnets for my sister. I just modge-podged some scraps of fabric onto the front and sealed with another layer to keep it durable.

magnet clothes pinsThen I glued on some strips of magnetic tape. It come pre-sticky so made my job easier, I just trimmed it down.

clothes pin magnet


And easy as that you have something cute and functional. For which I had all the supplies on hand. Added bonus!

clothes pin magnets

What hand made gifts did you give or receive this year?

I was featured on Practically Functional


I’m pretty sure that I’m the world’s best procrastinator.

Case in point. Two weeks before Christmas I switched from blogger to here.

Also, right when I was in the middle of five different gifts that needed doing before Christmas here’s what my brain decided needed doing rightthisminute!

Yes, my embroidery floss had to be organised, which made my ribbons look a mess…

I think my brain may be broken…

“Lots of work eh? Let’s think of more things we can add!”

“Oh, I can see you’ve got a lot to do. Here’s a list of tasks that are unimportant, but MUST be done now.”


Thanks brain.

Though I do love how pretty it looks now :)

Personalised lunch boxes (without any fancy equipment!)

Both my kids needed new lunch boxes this school year. 

I love these kind because you can separate easily  and don’t  need lots of tubs and containers. (no, sistema are most definitely not paying me, I just love these lunch boxes!) But let’s face it, not so unique or child friendly design. 

So here’s how to make yours eye catching and hard to get lost, and for bonus points, it’ll help your pre-schooler learn their name!

Grab a piece of colourful vinyl and measure the area by sight – you know I rarely get rulers out.

Cut the vinyl to a rectangle the same width as the indent square, and as tall as you want your letters.

Turn the vinyl over and write out the name you want…. Then realise you were supposed to be doing the letters as a mirror image.

Cut out the ones that aren’t effected by your mistake and scribble to make the remaining letters a mirror image.

Check that thankfully you cant tell all the crazy that’s going on on the back side, and place as desired.

Peel off the back and stick down!

Done. Of course, you could miss out a couple of those middle steps and just do your letters the right way first time, but where’s the fun in that?!

Love how much you can fit in these!

Plus these are dishwasher safe too! I’ve had vinyl on cups for over a year now and it’s held up really well. And lets face it, if even the lunch box lasts a year I’ll be pleased with that! :) 

Fabric storage boxes

I’ve been wanting to sew some fabric boxes for a while. Firstly because they’re cute.

But mostly because I haven’t bought any fabric all summer, and it’s still busting out from every corner of my desk!

So I used this tutorial (without the interfacing), and made these reversible fabric storage boxes.

I love them, and you could have both the same fabric on the outside too. Whatever works. 

These ones are going to a particularly messy relative. :) Beautiful, but oh, so messy. (Anyone else have that relative? And I find it SO difficult not to tidy when I see her room!)

And they were a lot quicker than I expected, so I may do a few more too. Maybe try out this tutorial from design*sponge. Looks like it may be a little better for not using interfacing, which let’s face it, if I can miss a step, I will!