chevron pieced cushion

018While on Pinterest I saw a pieced chevron blanket which looked basically a square cut in half and pieced in a particular way. Much cheaper than buying expensive fabric, and it meant I could make mine as large as I wanted, and be as cheap as I wanted too ;)


I used a tee and a jumper for the cushion front. Good for my pocket, the environment, plus it’s soft too!


Then you end up with some pretty piles of triangles. I made a template from paper and pinned it each time to cut, normally cutting through both sides of the top at a time.


Then I laid it out to check I’d worked out how to piece it right. (nice sigh of relief when I discovered I had!)


You can see that it’s just two different coloured triangles to make squares and put together to make a large chevron pattern.


Pin each two triangles together and sew down the longest edge.


Repeat for the remaining triangles so you end up with squares.


I kept putting mine back in the pattern as I was paranoid about ruining it!


Iron the seam towards the side of your darkest colour. Please excuse my ironing board. I used it when I stamped some fabric. It’s now very unique!


Repeat for the rest of your squares and lay them out in order again.

Then use this tutorial to piece together the cushion front, and this one to insert the zipper and finish the cover. Then you’re done!

chevron pieced cushion


When I clicked on the link to the one I found it said the link could be harmful, so here’s a link to a similar tutorial.

craft drawer organisation


This is a little embarrassing. This is what my craft drawer looked like…

In my defense my kids love to play there. And I normally prefer to close the drawer than deal with what’s inside.

003But I had gotten fed up of every.thing being covered in glitter. Seriously kids?!

So I completely cleared everything out. Cleaned the glitter off and got a little OCD.



I got rid of all the things that were broken and used up and rearranged according to type so that when I allow the kids in there it’s much easier for them to replace things.

007One of the things I try to bear in mind when reorganising is to keep space available. Ultimately you will buy more of something, and you don’t want your system to break down because you bought one too many glue sticks :)

009Is it weird how happy these punches make me? And woe to anyone who doesn’t put them back in alternating order…

This is totally my happy place to look now. I mean not that I open the drawer just to look and smile or anything like that. That would be crazy right…?

Where’s your happy place?






footstool slip cover (tutorial)

We all know I’m not a professional sewer (sewist? seamstress?), anyway I found some gorgeous fabric in Ikea this week and knew it would be perfect to recover my footstool with. It turned out to be fairly simple once I took apart the old cover!

This method would work with most anything that already had a cover, but please don’t take apart a cover that you’d still use! I’d hate you to end up with a naked chair ;)slipcover tutorial

Here’s how I made mine (which is this Ikea pouffe):
slipcover totorial

Start by laying your unpicked cover onto your fabric, I cut my largest piece on the fold and folded the main pattern piece, this way I knew I’d get both sides the same.




slipcover totorialIf you need to mark extra for seam allowances (like where I was too lazy to unpick my velcro!)

slipcover totorial

Once your new pattern pieces are cut pin together so they match edges where the original pieces did. If you have a lot of pieces, like with an armchair, it’s a good idea to number your pieces with chalk. I had three, and two were the same piece so I managed okay ;)

slipcover totorial

Use extra pins on the corners to make sure you get a nice rounded edge.

slipcover totorial

I then zig-zag stitched the pieces together, they’d been serged on the previous cover, but I’m not nearly that fancy!

slipcover totorial

Don’t worry about back stitching at this point, you’ll be making a new seam to reinforce it next.

slipcover totorial

To get a nice neat seam on top tick the long middle piece over the edge pieces and pin. Then top stitch the whole length.

slipcover totorial

This is what it’ll look like inside.

slipcover totorial

Next up reinforce the corner which will allow the cover to slide over and be velcro-ed under the footstool. The velcro means that it will stay in place and give it a really well fitted look. Zig-zag stitch the whole bottom including the triangle corners, this will stop it from fraying. Then pin the corners under about 1/4 inch and stitch on your smallest straight stitch.

slipcover totorial

On your four long edges you’ll need to add some velcro. Fold under your straight edge and pin the velcro at the same time.

slipcover totorial

I had the rough edge under my footstool so attached the soft side of velcro. If your footstool doesn’t already have velcro just staple some on the inside or underside so it won’t be visible when the cover’s on.

slipcover totorial

Stitch the whole way along the whole length and around the velcro edge.

slipcover totorial

It will look like that from the outside. Don’t worry because this will be on the underside of the footstool.

slipcover totorial

And you’re done!

slipcover totorial

Then you’ll want to just sit back and stare at it.

slipcover totorial

You know, while you’re feet are on it.

slipcover totorial slipcover totorial slipcover totorial

Just look at those seams!

slipcover totorial

And while I was at it, I also made a cushion cover to match.



Just two squares joined together round three edges, stuff the cushion in, pin the raw edge under and top stitch.

cushion detail


Still looks neat, and only takes around 10 minutes to make.

clothes pin magnets

clothes pin magnets


Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas. We loved spending time as a family enjoying all our new toys. And as much as it was nice to have that time “unplugged”, I’m happy to be back to blogging again. :)

I made these magnets for my sister. I just modge-podged some scraps of fabric onto the front and sealed with another layer to keep it durable.

magnet clothes pinsThen I glued on some strips of magnetic tape. It come pre-sticky so made my job easier, I just trimmed it down.

clothes pin magnet


And easy as that you have something cute and functional. For which I had all the supplies on hand. Added bonus!

clothes pin magnets

What hand made gifts did you give or receive this year?

I was featured on Practically Functional


I’m pretty sure that I’m the world’s best procrastinator.

Case in point. Two weeks before Christmas I switched from blogger to here.

Also, right when I was in the middle of five different gifts that needed doing before Christmas here’s what my brain decided needed doing rightthisminute!

Yes, my embroidery floss had to be organised, which made my ribbons look a mess…

I think my brain may be broken…

“Lots of work eh? Let’s think of more things we can add!”

“Oh, I can see you’ve got a lot to do. Here’s a list of tasks that are unimportant, but MUST be done now.”


Thanks brain.

Though I do love how pretty it looks now :)