zippered pouch

zippered pouch


In my attempts to clear out my craft space I realised just how many cute small pieces of fabric I have just begging to be turned into something. I’ve also given myself a very small bag in which to keep my small scraps. So these few wouldn’t fit so I had to make something!

022I did these the same way I did these make up bags, but I boxed the bottom and used an upholstery fabric for the interior to make it more sturdy. I also used two colours for the exterior. I like the look of mixing two together, and means you have more options with smaller scraps.

024All I did was sew the two smaller rectangles together and ironed the seam before piecing and sewing as usual.

Perfect for anything really! Though mine’s gonna be more make-up than washi tape. Washi really should be displayed :)



Get your pretty scraps out and use them to store your other pretties!



doll/bear carrier

036My parents gave me the Oliver+S sewing book for Christmas, and I’m systematically working my way though every project :) I really do love the book!

035The baby (or teddy) can face either way…

038…and has a handy little pocket for all your little girl’s essentials.

040I found the pattern really easy to work with, and even if your were an absolute beginner you could make this. This one’s saved for my Izzy’s birthday, which is why there’s no photos of her modelling it. Ethan flat out refused to have it anywhere near him!

043This is how her book corner was looking a week ago. A friend of hers came over and used the book shelf as a climbing toy so it is no more :( but I have big plans for this area! And her birthday and party this year will be mainly handmade! So look out for a few more handmade gifts!

What would you do with this little corner?

matching pairs game from scraps

memory game


If you follow me on facebook you’ll have seen that I was given a big pile of upholstery samples and was wondering what to make with them. This game is the perfect for using up smaller pieces of fabric and tiny scraps.

(apologies for the mobile picture!)

This is the first of two sets I’m making. This one is for my soon-to-be-two niece, the other’s for my boy.

009I found the idea on Pinterest a year ago! The link is for Purlbee here.

007Since the upholstery fabric won’t fray I could just sew a square around the two sides while wrong sides together.

009It was such a good way to use up some scraps I’ve had for ages from cute patterns and couldn’t bear to throw away! I’m not alone in this kind of hoarding am I?

006Can’t wait to play with my boy soon! (see I do make things for him too!)

rain cloud magnets

blog 010These cute little magnets were just made with clay and some left over magnetic tape.

blog 013Shape it how you want, push the magnet in the back and bake it.

blog 014Simple, cute and perfect for my daughter’s picture (though these are actually a gift).

blog 016And I don’t mean to brag, but this picture may have gotten my daughter a head teacher’s award at school.

blog 017And to gift it I wrapped it in tissue paper and popped it in a box I saved from some stamps my daughter got for Christmas.

blog 018Wrap in twine and I’m calling it cute! Love the versatility of these type of magnets; what would you make?







Christmas pajamas (the easiest way!)

I had this idea to make our family pajamas for Christmas. So that we could have new pajamas for the morning photos and I thought it would be a great first clothing project.

pj tutorial

I looked at a few tutorials over the last couple of years. But when it came to it I just worked out what would be the easiest way. In fact, if you’re upcycling like I did you can even avoid hemming!

I used a duvet cover which had an opening at the bottom without buttons or snaps so I laid my pattern (actually our existing pajamas) so that the opening was the bottom our the pieces.

This photo is from another pair I made for Izzy. Fold the fabric and place the straight edge along the fold. If you don’t have a duvet to upcycle just cut around the edge leaving half an inch around the edge, nothing on the top and about 1 and half inches on the bottom.

Use this as a pattern for the other leg and cut two.

If you’ve used the bottom of something else for your hem you can do a nice smug face now :)

Place the two pieces right sides together and sew down the sides.

Then fold in half and sew along the inside leg in an upside-down “v” shape.

If you’ve not done a cheaty upcycle then you’ll need to fold up twice and hem.

032I ended up doing two lines of stitching to make it look a little more pro – like the bottoms of the ones I’d upcycled.

attach the waistband


Pin the waistband to the pajamas next. Make your waistband by cutting a piece of elastic the same width as the persons waistband and sewing by overlapping the piece by about an inch and sewing in a square with a cross to secure it. Then pin the waistband on as above by dividing the the waistband into half and pinning to the corresponding halves on the pjs. Repeat until you have it into quarters or eighths.

As you sew you’ll need to work on pinned width at a time.

Hold the elastic behind your presser foot and stretch the elastic up to your next pin with your other hand so that the elastic is as wide as your fabric.

I don’t have any photos of this for obvious reasons! Take your time and use your longest zig zag stitch.

pajama tutorial 040 (2)


Fold your elastic in and then you’re done!

036 (2) 042 (2)

Perfect for all matching on Christmas morning!