creme egg brownies

013Nearly forgot to post this recipe before Easter! The good news is that they don’t take long and are a great crowd pleaser/way to use all your chocolate eggs.

006Make your brownies in the usual way. The link to the recipe I use is here. While your brownies are baking cut your creme eggs in half.

008Remove your brownies from the oven and turn it off. Push the halves into your brownies.

009Return your brownies to the oven for about 20 minutes using the residual heat in the oven to melt the eggs.

013And then enjoy!

Happy Easter!






“healthy” caramel meringues

025I have healthy in in mind, but of course eating the strawberries alone is much healthier, but not nearly as fun!

021The general idea with a pavlova is meringue, cream then fruit layered. I left out the cream and added chocolate.

020What can I say? I’d readily choose chocolate than cream to go with strawberries.

030I also piped some in heart shapes and dipped them in chocolate. These were especially popular with my kids.

040To make whisk three egg whites to soft peaks and slowly whisk in one ounce of icing sugar and five of soft brown sugar. The brown sugar will make the meringues taste caramel-ish (which IS a word).

Shape on your tray with some baking paper on top.

Bake for around an hour at 140 C/275  F. Don’t remove from the oven when your time’s up, leave in the oven until it cools down. (I did remove my smaller ones about 15 mins earlier then the bog one and left it on top. Use your judgement, but mine turned out fine!)

Then top however you want.


037You may have to cover yours so they don’t get snatched by tiny hands…

the perfect dippy egg

text eggOkay, this sounds silly. But this way of making a boiled egg has literally made my life better. It’s a quick and delicious lunch which gives me lots of energy and a great way of getting my fussy, non meat eater son to get protein.

059See? Fussy eater approved!

049All you do is boil your water in a pan and then turn off the heat completely. Then put your egg in for seven minutes. Seriously, time it to get the nicest dippy egg you’ve ever eaten!

Serve with soldiers with a little butter. Yum!



You end up with a warm gooey yolk, and even the whites are delicious too!

dippy eggsNow dippy egg lunch is a weekly staple!

Do you have any tried and tested recipes that work for you and your kids?





fabric place mats

While making risotto the other night I whipped up these place mats.

They’re easy enough that even if you’ve never sewn before you could do these.

Grab a place mat for size and measure around. 

Cut two rectangles half an inch bigger for each place mat.

Then sew right sides together, leaving a few inches gap to turn. Iron then top stitch close to the edge.

I’d been struggling to find ones I liked in my price range, and the off of fabric was a couple of pounds in Ikea. I’ve got some spare that I’m using for coasters too. 

They work really well for less posh meals too. Peanut butter sandwiches are more than welcome too. 

And if they get dirty? They just pop in the wash, mine have already been in a few times and are holding up great!

Would also make a great gift if you could part with yours :)

I’m sharing this at the Dare to DIY party hosted by Decor and the DogMaybe MatildaNewly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One!

really easy but impressive risotto

I always get compliments when I make risotto, I think most people think it’s really hard to get right – which is also what I thought until I made it! It’s actually really yummy and filling, but doesn’t take much effort. Here’s how easy it is in case you’re fancying something different tonight:

Chop your veg smallish and add now if they need to soften. I used a large onion, two carrots and half a broccoli. If you’re using peas or sweetcorn just add them near the end.

A couple of minutes later add your meat, I used two chicken breasts and three rashers of bacon, but you could even leave out the meat and just stick with veg.

Don’t leave the meat more than a couple of minutes before you add your risotto rice. I use around 300g for our family of four and have plenty left for lunch the next day.

After the rice has been in the wok a few minutes add a bit of stock. I used about 800ml of chicken stock in total. Add it gradually and stir well after each addition. While the rice absorbs your stock feel free to clean your kitchen, or as I chose to; sew up some new place mats. My sewing machine is in my kitchen/diner so I’d sew a bit then add stock and stir.

Once your rice has absorbed your stock add some cheese. I use mature cheddar. Give it a stir…

and it should look something like this. Gooey, but not pooling stock anywhere.  I always check if mine’s done by eating a little and making sure the rice is soft. 

And you’re done. Perfect for entertaining or just a tasty hearty meal. It takes me around 40-50 mins from chopping to eating, but you’re not tied to the kitchen for most of that time.

Bit gutted I told the kids I make spaghetti bolognese tonight.

Fabric place mats tute coming soon!