felt crown for kids

felt crown

Here’s a simple project for your kids, which will actually get used. Not like the countless toilet roll projects which accumulate around here!

018Start with a strip of felt a little smaller than the head it needs to fit. I’m not gonna judge if you’d like one for yourself!


Grab some gems or stickers and let your child decorate away!

023A couple did fall off, but it’s been so well used I didn’t mind. If you wanted to make them more secure just pop some hard wearing glue after you kid has left the room!

022Can I just mention how much I love this ceramic egg holder? Perfect for the few little bits which don’t have a place. Especially the pretty ones you don’t want to store away. I also put things like the kids’ gems and googly eyes in here which don’t last in the bag too long.

I go mine from a charity shop for £1.99, but I’ve seen a six hole one in Wilkinsons for a similar price.

felt crownAnyway, once you’ve decorated sew on a length of ribbon and melt the ends. Then you can tie it on you little one’s head.

felt crownNeedless to say that she loves it. Great addition to our dressing up supplies.


Ethan now wants one too. Kings have crowns too! :) The little photobomber!



She’s about as good in front of the camera as her mum!

How would you make one of these more “king-ly”?






rain cloud magnets

blog 010These cute little magnets were just made with clay and some left over magnetic tape.

blog 013Shape it how you want, push the magnet in the back and bake it.

blog 014Simple, cute and perfect for my daughter’s picture (though these are actually a gift).

blog 016And I don’t mean to brag, but this picture may have gotten my daughter a head teacher’s award at school.

blog 017And to gift it I wrapped it in tissue paper and popped it in a box I saved from some stamps my daughter got for Christmas.

blog 018Wrap in twine and I’m calling it cute! Love the versatility of these type of magnets; what would you make?







clothes pin magnets

clothes pin magnets


Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas. We loved spending time as a family enjoying all our new toys. And as much as it was nice to have that time “unplugged”, I’m happy to be back to blogging again. :)

I made these magnets for my sister. I just modge-podged some scraps of fabric onto the front and sealed with another layer to keep it durable.

magnet clothes pinsThen I glued on some strips of magnetic tape. It come pre-sticky so made my job easier, I just trimmed it down.

clothes pin magnet


And easy as that you have something cute and functional. For which I had all the supplies on hand. Added bonus!

clothes pin magnets

What hand made gifts did you give or receive this year?

I was featured on Practically Functional

super simple lace cowl

lace cowl

A couple of months ago my friend made herself this cute cowl/infinity scarf (I honestly don’t know the difference…)

So I decided to attempt my own.



I don’t photograph well….kinda looks like I’m mad, or sleeping. Awesome.


Now I look like I’m winking…creepy.


Let’s agree that I never do another self portrait again? And FYI, I’m totally flying no make up, not even concealer, as if my skin and eye bags weren’t an obvious enough clue keeping it real, plus I want to still be friends, and to be honest if I looked really cute and then showed you how easily I’d made the scarf you might start to hate me a little. :)

lace cowl

I actually upcycled a top my sister gave me which was a little tight. Okay a lot tight, but it works well for this.



This is how the cowl looks when it’s not folded. I literally cut the bottom off the top, pinned the top edge under and sewed a straight line. You could even hot glue if you’re adverse to sewing.

lace cowl

There you go! Super easy and will hide the sticky finger prints from your little angel nicely!

lace cowl


Ah, much better with my head chopped off!

This would make an awesome gift, just upcycle an old top, and if it’s jersey knit you wouldn’t even have to sew the hem!

Perfect for when you want to craft something for yourself, but you have a to-do list that just keeps getting longer.