doll/bear carrier

036My parents gave me the Oliver+S sewing book for Christmas, and I’m systematically working my way though every project :) I really do love the book!

035The baby (or teddy) can face either way…

038…and has a handy little pocket for all your little girl’s essentials.

040I found the pattern really easy to work with, and even if your were an absolute beginner you could make this. This one’s saved for my Izzy’s birthday, which is why there’s no photos of her modelling it. Ethan flat out refused to have it anywhere near him!

043This is how her book corner was looking a week ago. A friend of hers came over and used the book shelf as a climbing toy so it is no more :( but I have big plans for this area! And her birthday and party this year will be mainly handmade! So look out for a few more handmade gifts!

What would you do with this little corner?

5 thoughts on “doll/bear carrier

  1. Hiya :)
    Just found your blog. I just thought, since you asked for idea, that I’d suggest Ikea’s little kiddos book ledges. I don’t know what they’re called but I found them a few months ago on their website & am going to get some for my girls. They are little ledges that hand on the walk & u put your books in them. On the children’s section of their website they are in the first large photo of the children’s bedroom that comes up.

    • great idea! i do like that. think i’ve seen them on pinterest. i do actually have an ikea solution i’m working on. i’ll be sharing it in a week or so. hope you’ll be following and see it! off to snoop round your site now :)

  2. That carrier is just so cute! I know she loved it and she is toting around all her dolls. Since you had a bookshelf in that corner I would make a reading nook by putting up a bed crown with pretty fabric and make a little cushion for her to sit and read where she could play also. Thanks so much for joining us at Transformed Tuesday.

  3. This little carrier is on my to do list! I didn’t get a book so I was just going to make one up myself for my little girl but now I might just buy the book so it actually functions :) I always wanted one of those little benches with a lovely cushion on to sit and read books with storage underneath – if I had that corner of precious space I would buy one of those :)

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