reverse applique tutorial

applique boys teesI sometimes struggle to think of things to make for Ethan, not that he doesn’t have enough things he likes, it’s just much easier for my brain to think up girly ideas. So Izzy sometimes ends up with more things sewn for her than Ethan, so I’ve decided that I need to make them more even. So hopefully you’ll be seeing more boy projects around here!

Today I’ll walk you through how to do the reverse applique dinosaur. It’s really simple, and I find it easier to get right than the traditional applique!

001Start off with a clearance tee (it was £3 for both, love H&M’s sales!).

reverse appliqueChalk on your image where ever you want it to be. I decided I wanted mine to be walking around his top to the front.

You may notice that this shape appears a lot on Ethan’s things. Turns out that he loves triceratops and I get to use the stencil I cut lots of times. Win for me! In fact I save all the stencils I do, the insides can be traced around over and over, and the outside can be used for freezer paper stenciling.

reverse applique


Use a scrap of fabric larger than your design and pin it on the inside of your tee. (This is me checking it’s big enough.)

reverse applique tutorial

All pinned…

reverse appliqueThen sew around the chalk outline with a contrasting thread.

reverse appliqueTrim the fabric around the back, it doesn’t need to be at all neat.

reverse appliqueThis bit’s tricky to photograph, but pinch the tee layer away from your scrap fabric layer and cut a little hole in the shape.

reverse applique boyThen trim around the whole shape, leaving a small margin. If you were really neat you could start cutting at the edge and use the inside of the shape as an applique for something else! I know, I’m that cheap and lazy!

reverse applique boyThere you have it. One super thrifty, unique top for the little guy in your life.

And you could mix this up anyway you like. A flower or butterfly for a girl would look really cute too! Or embellish a tote for yourself.









6 thoughts on “reverse applique tutorial

  1. Bring on the boy projects! I love the walking dino. You did a great job, and explained the process very well.
    I like to use a fusible bond, and hand stitch around the design (only because I sometimes have trouble machine stitching the small details). Thank you for the tutorial, looking forward to more boy projects!!!

    • so glad you thought so theresa! i’m trying to think of some more fun things for him now. he seriously gets forgotten about with that easy-to-sew-for sister around!

  2. So cute, I really need to try reverse appliqué- every time I see it, I fall in love with the cuteness!

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