boy applique tee

boy applique


This is the second of two tees I personalised for my little boy.

I love applique for two reasons. First it uses up the cute scraps of fabric I hoard. Second, I can make something unique my kids (or anyone) love.

001Start out with a plain tee, or even one with a logo you’re not a fan of.

boy applique tutorialI then go to pinterest  for shapes to cut. I knew I wanted a rocket, but couldn’t get it clear in my head, so worked from the image. Great for when you’re having a mental block! (I can’t now find the source of the image, if it’s you drop me an email!)

boy appliqueI used some hemming tape to keep them in place while I sewed, but I think you’re supposed to use bond-a-web. Now here’s where you learn from my mistake!

If you’re using a jersey or t-shirt fabric that doesn’t fray you can sew with a straight line like I’ve done above, if not seriously use a zig-zag stitch around the outside. I learnt  my lesson and need to now re-sew, but have since done this kind of fabric again with the zig-zag and it holds up fine!

boy applique


I promise this is an easy project if your follow the stitch/fabric rule! :) Perfect way to make a top, bag or anything unique!

If you missed it the here’s the reverse applique tute.

Hope you’re enjoying your winter, I know we are!





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    • thanks carissa. one of my faves too, though i’m not able to wear horizontal stripes as easily as ethan can!

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