tinkerbell applique tee

001One of my current favourite quick sewing projects is tee applique. (try saying that fast!) My kids’ personalities don’t always fit with the clothes that a lot of shops sell. And they actually prefer to have something unique. So I buy multi packs of plain tees (also the cheapest option too :) ) and then get my two’s input as to what goes on.

005Okay, don’t laugh. This was seriously the most normal face she gave me.

I just traced a tinkerbell outline from google and used it as a stencil for the fabric. Once I’d sewn it on with a zig zag I added some pink fairy dust – aka fabric pain tiny polka dots.


004Honestly? No idea. What does this face say to you?!

002Another outtake? :) Oh yeah, we keep it classy in these parts.




ten minute leggings

easy diy leggingsHello! Anyone still there?! :)

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post! I got pretty caught up in cleaning and re-organising my house. Nothing pin-worthy, but things seem to be much calmer round here. Mostly because I’m less stressed, but I’m sure any other ladies out there know how that goes!

I just wanted to pop in and share these leggings. No joke they took 10 minutes! I pretty much made them the same as the kids’ pajamas for Christmas but because I used a knit fabric I didn’t need to hem or finish any of the seams.

162I can’t believe how easy they were to do! They’re actually full length but Izzy much preferred them as shorts length when I showed them to her. She’s so full of personality and so sure in her decisions these days!

And her opinion on these leggings?

163She’s pretty thrilled! And they’re super stretchy so picky wearer approved too!

Oh and while I was making clothes I sewed up these shorts for Ethan too:

025Again I did the same thing as with the pajama pants, but encased the elastic and added the pockets with some bias trim.

018What I love is that even though the items I’ve made for them aren’t as professional as the “real” clothes they own, both of them will chose the things I’ve made them over most of their other clothes. I’ll enjoy that while it lasts ;)






the sunshine dress

007I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for Shwin and Shwin’s Sunshine dress a couple of months back.



I had to hold off on showing you all until it was listed in their shop, but if you click the link above you can go straight to the pattern now!

013As you can tell Izzy adores it!

136And I’m pleased too! My first bodice, and no unpicking required. The instructions were really clear, but still made me feel like a pro.

150I think I’ll probably make a few of these with variations. In fact I made one for Ethan’s friend and it came together really quickly, I just hemmed the bottom instead of adding the casing to turn it into a bubble bottom.

144It’s much more like a top that way, which make it really versatile!

139I think it’s going to be my go-to bodice pattern for a long time :)

Oh and although I got the pattern for free to pattern test this is just my own thoughts, Shauna doesn’t even know I’m writing this post! I just fell for the pattern!







the 15 minute maxi skirt

Sorry I’ve kept you waiting so long for this. I’ve been MIA for a month as both my kids had birthdays and I needed prep/recover time :)

sew a maxi skirt

Here’s the easiest way I know to make a super comfy and cheap maxi skirt.


Start with a rectangle of jersey fabric (or another one that doesn’t fray and is stretchy) which is about 1 and 1/4 time bigger than your waist. It doesn’t need to be exact, I just wrapped the fabric round my waist and put my finger to hold where I needed to chop. The length should be a little longer that you think you need, just to allow for any errors. When you try it on you can chop off some excess fabric if you need to.

You’ll also need a piece of thick elastic which fits snugly around your waist.


Fold the fabric in half right sides together, pin and sew down the side seam with a long zig zag stitch. If you don’t use a zig zag you’ll risk the fabric puckering as it has a tendency to stretch when being sewn. It’ll also allow for flexibility when you’re wearing it.

Next make the waistband by overlapping the elastic end one inch to form a circle and then sewing a square to join them. Then turn the skirt right way round and attach the waist band using this method.

maxi skirt diy

Lastly try on your skirt and trim the bottom if necessary.

So easy!

I apologise for the wierd feet. Firstly I need to give them some tlc. Secondly I’m so coordinated that I managed to hit my toe on the pushchair wheel while it was moving. My nail has snapped in half and is really gross and painful. I’ve just squashed it down and covered it up with a plaster.

S’all good if you can’t see it. :)

Anyway I LOVE how comfy it is. Plus there are a few extra benefits I hadn’t though of.

I can wear a skirt and not have to shave my legs.

You could wear it as a maternity skirt as it’s stretchy enough to go under a bump.

It’s cheap. And it’s like wearing pajamas. I’m not even kidding. (Now I KNOW you’re gonna make one too!)maxi skirt tutorial

I’ve done the instructions for jersey fabric, if you want to use cotton (which I’ve also done) then just make the following adjustments:

  • use fabric 1 1/2 times the width of your waist. This means that there’s more room to move in a fabric that wont give.
  • You can go ahead and use a straight stitch for the side seam, though it’s probably a good idea to finish the seam with a zig zag stitch or serger.
  • Hem the bottom of the skirt, so make sure you add on an inch or two to the length depending on your hem width preference.

And as always I’d LOVE to see pictures if you do one yourself!

zippered pouch

zippered pouch


In my attempts to clear out my craft space I realised just how many cute small pieces of fabric I have just begging to be turned into something. I’ve also given myself a very small bag in which to keep my small scraps. So these few wouldn’t fit so I had to make something!

022I did these the same way I did these make up bags, but I boxed the bottom and used an upholstery fabric for the interior to make it more sturdy. I also used two colours for the exterior. I like the look of mixing two together, and means you have more options with smaller scraps.

024All I did was sew the two smaller rectangles together and ironed the seam before piecing and sewing as usual.

Perfect for anything really! Though mine’s gonna be more make-up than washi tape. Washi really should be displayed :)



Get your pretty scraps out and use them to store your other pretties!